The Golden Card Trade Strategy: Collect, Trade, and Triumph!

With this trick, you’ll become a master trader, increasing your chances to complete card sets and soaring to new heights in Coin Master!

What You Need:

  1. Golden Cards: These are rare cards in Coin Master, often harder to come by than regular cards.
  2. Coin Master Community: Join Facebook groups, online forums, or communities dedicated to Coin Master.
  3. Extra Cards: Any duplicates you may have.
  4. A Trading Partner: Players you meet in these groups who are looking to trade.

The Strategy in a Nutshell:

Trading cards, especially Golden Cards, is an essential part of advancing in Coin Master. The goal here is to make the most out of your duplicates and get those elusive cards you’re missing!


  1. Engage with the Community: Before you can trade, you need to find trading partners. The best places are dedicated Coin Master Facebook groups or forums. Join them, introduce yourself, and make friends!
  2. Know Your Worth: Understand which of your cards, especially Golden Cards, are in high demand. Cards from newer sets or particularly rare cards are often more sought after.
  3. Create a Catalog: Make a list of cards you have for trade and those you need. Share it in the groups and update it regularly.
  4. Trade Smart: Always try to trade duplicates for cards you’re missing. Don’t rush into a trade, take your time to evaluate if it’s beneficial.
  5. Safety First: Unfortunately, not everyone is honest. Some might promise a trade and not deliver. It’s a good idea to ask for references or check a trader’s reputation in the group before committing.
  6. Utilize Events: Coin Master occasionally hosts events where the Golden Card trade is enabled. This is your golden opportunity (pun intended!) to trade those high-demand cards.
  7. Build Relationships: Over time, if you trade fairly and keep your promises, you’ll build a network of trusted traders. This will make future trades easier and safer.

Why This Strategy Rocks:

  1. Completion Bonus: Completing card sets grants spins, pet XP, or other game items. The more sets you complete, the more rewards you reap!
  2. Community Engagement: By actively participating in the Coin Master community, you’re not just trading cards; you’re building relationships, making the game more enjoyable.
  3. Minimize Wastage: Instead of sitting on stacks of duplicate cards, you’re actively using them to progress in the game.


  1. Be wary of potential scammers. Always check references and trade histories.
  2. Remember, it’s just a game. While trading is fun, don’t let it overwhelm you or turn into arguments.

With the “Golden Card Trade Strategy,” you’ll be well on your way to completing card sets faster than ever before. The satisfaction of collecting them all is unparalleled. Get ready to swap, trade, and climb to the top of the Coin Master world! Happy trading!

Perfect Timing Raid Strategy: Become the Master of Revenge

What You Need:

  1. Raid Symbols: At least one Raid symbol from your spins, which allows you to raid another player’s village for coins.
  2. Foils or Shields: Your village adequately protected either through shields or by not having too many coins that can be raided.
  3. A Target: Someone you’ve been itching to raid, either for revenge or because you know they have a stash of coins.
  4. Quick Fingers: Speed and timing are of the essence.

The Strategy in a Nutshell:

You’ll be using the Raid symbol to launch a carefully timed raid on a specific target when they are most vulnerable!


  1. Scout Your Target: Choose your raid target wisely. This could be someone who recently attacked your village or someone you know has been stockpiling coins. You can check this through the game’s leaderboard or your friends’ list.
  2. Ready, Set, WAIT: Once you’ve obtained a Raid symbol from your spins, the game allows you to pick from three targets. DO NOT pick right away; this is where timing is crucial.
  3. Stalk Social Media or Chat: Many players announce their big wins or upgrades on social media or in your friend circle. This is the time when they are flush with coins but have possibly spent their shields.
  4. Check the Time: Many players tend to log off after a big win or after completing a difficult village. Knowing the playing habits of your target can provide a window of opportunity.
  5. Strategic Delay: If the game automatically assigns a target that you know is lucrative, don’t rush to raid. Wait a few seconds; give them the time to possibly spend their shields or even better, to collect more coins!
  6. Raid! Raid! Raid!: Once you’re confident that your target is ripe for raiding, go in guns blazing! Tap like you’ve never tapped before and seize those coins!
  7. Laugh Maniacally: Okay, this step is optional, but highly recommended!

Why This Strategy is Amazing:

  1. Precision: By choosing your target and timing your raid wisely, you’re not leaving it all to chance; you’re making an informed decision.
  2. Sweet Revenge: If you’ve been the target of frequent raids or attacks, this strategy lets you get your own back, but with interest!
  3. Maximize Loot: If you manage to time it when they have the maximum number of coins and minimum protection, you’ll be hitting the jackpot of raid loot!


  1. Remember, it’s all in good fun. It’s a game, so don’t go too overboard with the revenge aspect!
  2. The strategy involves a level of risk, as timing is crucial, and you could miss your moment.

Unleash your inner Viking and become the Coin Master you were always destined to be with the “Perfect Timing Raid Strategy”! Raid, pillage, and plunder like a pro! Your friends will be in awe, and your enemies will tremble in fear as you amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams! Enjoy!

Bet Multiplier Trick to Maximize Spins

What You Need:

  1. A significant number of spins saved up (the more, the better; preferably over 200).
  2. At least one “Bet Multiplier” available (this is the button that lets you bet 2x, 3x, 5x, etc., instead of just one spin per turn).
  3. Patience and a bit of luck!


  1. Stockpile Spins: First of all, make sure you have a good number of spins. This trick is risky and requires a decent bank of spins to start with.
  2. Check the Multiplier: Make sure you have a Bet Multiplier activated. You’ll see the option on the slot machine screen.
  3. Start Small: Begin by using the lowest Bet Multiplier. For the first few spins, use this multiplier to see how your luck is going. This is your ‘test run.’
  4. Analyze Results: If you are consistently getting good results (raids, attacks, big coin wins), it might be a good time to increase the multiplier.
  5. Up the Ante: Gradually increase the Bet Multiplier to the next level. Don’t jump straight to the highest multiplier; take it one step at a time.
  6. Play and Observe: With each increase, play a couple of spins. If you are not getting good results, drop back to a lower multiplier.
  7. Ride the Wave: If you’re getting great results, keep playing at the higher multiplier. Sometimes the game seems to be on a ‘hot streak,’ and this is when you want to maximize your gains.
  8. Know When to Stop: If you’ve used up a significant amount of your spins and are not getting good returns, it might be time to lower your multiplier or stop spinning for a while.
  9. Bank Your Gains: If you make significant gains, consider stopping while you’re ahead and use the winnings to build or upgrade your village, or stockpile for the next big Bet Multiplier session.

Why This Works:

  1. The game’s algorithms do not seem to be time-dependent but are more likely to be streak-dependent.
  2. If you’re on a good streak, increasing the multiplier can exponentially increase your gains.
  3. This trick allows you to optimize the good streaks while minimizing losses during bad streaks.


  1. This is a risky strategy; you can lose a lot of spins very quickly.
  2. There’s a random element to Coin Master, so there are no guarantees.
  3. Use this strategy responsibly and never spend real money on spins that you can’t afford to lose.

By carefully manipulating the Bet Multiplier, you can maximize your returns when the game is on a ‘hot streak’ and minimize losses when it is not. Good luck, and may the spins be ever in your favor!

Effective Raiding Strategy

Coin Master is not just about spinning and building; it’s also about raiding and strategizing! Raiding is one of the core mechanics of the game, allowing players to steal coins from other villages. But like any good strategy game, simply jumping into a raid without a plan might leave you with less loot than you’d hope for. Here’s a detailed guide on how to maximize your raids in Coin Master.

Understanding the Raiding Mechanic

In Coin Master, when you land on three piggy faces on the slot machine, you’re given the opportunity to raid another player’s village. During a raid, you can dig three spots, and if you’re lucky, you can uncover huge amounts of coins.

Key Strategies for Successful Raids

  1. Target Selection: When you’re about to raid, the game often gives you three targets to choose from. While it’s tempting to raid the player with the highest amount of coins, remember that they might also have stronger defenses or more hidden traps.
  2. Digging Strategy: You get three digs during a raid. Many players swear by patterns, like always digging in the corners or the center. While the game is largely based on chance, sticking to a consistent pattern might increase your chances of hitting big.
  3. Shields Are Your Foe: If the player you’re raiding has a shield, it will block your raid. It’s essential to remember that while a shielded player can be a setback, it’s also a signal that the player might be worth raiding in the future, especially if they consistently have good loot.

Tips for Protecting Your Own Coins

Raids aren’t just about offense; you also need to think about defense.

  1. Invest in Shields: Shields can block up to three raids, so having one active can protect your stash. If you’re stocking up on coins, make sure to have a shield on at all times.
  2. Spend Before You Sleep: If you’re logging off for an extended period, try to spend as many coins as you can. It’s harder for players to raid a significant amount from you if you don’t have much to take!
  3. Stay Alert: Pay attention to alerts. If someone has raided you once, there’s a good chance they might come back, especially if they got a decent amount from you. Be ready to return the favor!

Making Raids Personal

  1. Revenge Raids: If someone raids your village, you have the chance to get back at them with a Revenge Raid. This is a great way to not only recover some of your lost coins but also to send a message.
  2. Friendly Competitions: If you have friends playing Coin Master, challenge each other to raid competitions. Who can pull off the biggest heist? It’s all in good fun and adds another layer to the game.


Raiding in Coin Master is a balance of risk and reward. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you can become a master raider, protecting your coins and successfully pilfering from your foes. Remember, it’s all part of the game, so enjoy the thrill of the raid and the joy of discovery!

Card Trading System: Get better cards!

Understanding the Card Trading System

The trading system in Coin Master allows players to send and receive cards from friends, helping each other complete sets. Every set you finish provides different rewards, from spins to pets. However, this system isn’t just about random exchanges; there’s an art to it!

Mastering the Art of Card Trading

1. Know Your Card Values

  • Rarity Matters: Cards in Coin Master come in different rarities: Common, Rare, and Very Rare. Understand which cards are most in demand and use this knowledge to your advantage in trades.
  • Stay Updated: Card values can change depending on events, new village levels, or as more players obtain certain cards. Stay in the loop through community groups and forums.

2. Foster a Trusted Trading Circle

  • Connect with Active Players: The key to effective trading is having a robust network. Join Coin Master groups on Facebook, Reddit, or Discord and start connecting with active players.
  • Build Trust: Start with smaller trades to establish trust. Over time, as you make successful exchanges, your reputation in the community will grow, leading to more fruitful trade offers.

3. Trade Smart, Not Fast

  • Leverage Demand: If you have duplicate cards, especially rare ones, don’t be quick to trade them off. Hold onto them until you find someone who needs it desperately and is willing to offer something valuable in return.
  • Balance Your Portfolio: Aim for a diverse set of cards. Even if a card doesn’t seem immediately useful, it might become valuable in future trades.

Benefits of Perfecting Card Trading

  • Swift Set Completion: Trading strategically will lead to faster set completions, thus unlocking rewards at a quicker pace.
  • Boosted Community Standing: A reliable trader is a respected player in the Coin Master community. As you build trust, you’ll find people are more willing to offer rare cards and even help in other game aspects.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: Trading adds another layer of strategy to Coin Master. It’s not just about spins and raids; it’s also about negotiations, networking, and strategy.

In Conclusion

The card trading system in Coin Master, when used effectively, can significantly boost your progress in the game. Remember, the best trades aren’t just about immediate gain but about building lasting relationships and strategies for long-term success.

Stay tuned for more expert insights and game-changing strategies. Keep spinning and trading!

Raid-Defend Strategy: Save Your Coins

Let us introduce the “Raid-Defend Strategy,” a game-changer for those who’ve felt the sting of a sudden raid depleting their hard-earned coins. With this tactic, you can not only protect your coins but also optimize the way you raid others. Let’s dive deep!

The Core Concept of Raid-Defend

The Raid-Defend Strategy involves a two-pronged approach:

Smart Raiding: Selectively raiding players to maximize coin gain and minimize retaliation.

Fortified Defense: Implementing measures to reduce the loss from potential raids on your village.

Steps to Perfecting the Raid-Defend Strategy

1. Scout Before You Raid

Check for Shields: If possible, scout your opponent’s village to determine if they have shields activated. If they do, it’s usually better to move on to a less protected target.

Evaluate Potential Gain: Always try to raid villages where you’re likely to gain a substantial amount of coins. Targeting big players might seem tempting, but they’re also more likely to seek revenge.

2. Hold onto Your Shields

Don’t Waste Your Shields: If you’ve got multiple shields in stock, avoid using spins. Once you’ve lost a shield due to an attack, then resume spinning.

Cycle Players: If you’re repeatedly attacked by the same player, consider not repairing your village immediately. Instead, wait a while. They might move onto another target, giving you breathing room.

3. Prioritize Essential Upgrades

Strengthen Defenses: Before focusing on aesthetic upgrades, ensure your village’s defenses are robust. The stronger your defense, the lesser coins you lose in raids.

Utilize Coin Master Groups: Engage with the game’s community on social media platforms. They often share which upgrades are the most effective against raids.

Benefits of the Raid-Defend Strategy

Increased Coin Savings: By being strategic about when and whom you raid, and by bolstering your defenses, you’ll find that your coin savings consistently stay high.

Reduced Frustration: There’s nothing worse than seeing a massive chunk of your coins taken away. By using this strategy, those heartbreaking raids will be a rare occurrence.

Better Game Relationships: By not always targeting the same players and not always going for the biggest fish in the sea, you create less animosity and forge better game relationships.


The Raid-Defend Strategy isn’t just about accumulating coins; it’s about understanding the dynamics of the game and fostering a more enjoyable experience. You’ll face fewer retaliations, and the coins you earn will be safeguarded against sudden losses.

Continue exploring our blog for more insights, strategies, and secrets to mastering Coin Master.

The Spin Saver Technique

Today, we’re going to delve into a strategy that will change the way you approach Coin Master. Dubbed the “Spin Saver Technique,” this method will help you conserve your spins, increase your coin stash, and improve your chances of card collection. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Spin Saver Technique

At its core, the Spin Saver Technique revolves around the principle of maximizing returns from every spin you use. Rather than using spins aimlessly, this strategy ensures every spin is part of a broader game plan. This can be broken down into a few simple steps:

Prioritize Events: Coin Master often hosts events that offer multipliers or special rewards. Always keep an eye out for these and strategize to make the most of them.

Play in Bursts: Instead of spreading your spins throughout the day, use them in a concentrated burst. This can increase your chances of hitting consecutive wins, which often results in more substantial rewards.

Delay Upgrades: Before you upgrade a building or village, make sure you’ve exhausted any potential spins or shields. By doing this, you’re less of a target for raids, allowing you to save coins in the long run.

How to Effectively Implement the Technique

Monitor and Plan for Events: As mentioned earlier, events are crucial. Set reminders for event start times and save up your spins leading up to them. This gives you a better shot at reaping the event’s rewards.

Connect with the Community: Join Coin Master forums or social media groups. Often, members share when they’ve found high-rewarding villages, which can guide your play strategy.

Daily Bonuses: Make sure you’re claiming daily bonuses and incentives. These often give free spins or coins, which can be saved for crucial moments.

Benefits of the Spin Saver Technique

Boosted Card Collections: By maximizing spins during events and targeting high-reward villages, you’ll naturally encounter more chances to collect cards.

Optimized Coin Usage: Since you’re not just spending coins as soon as you earn them, you’ll find that your stash grows, allowing for strategic purchases.

More Engaging Play Sessions: Playing with a strategy in mind always adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the game.

In the world of Coin Master, spins and coins are the lifeblood of progression. By employing the Spin Saver Technique, you’re not just playing the game; you’re mastering it. With every saved spin and optimized play session, you’re one step closer to becoming the ultimate Coin Master.

Active Pets

Don’t forget to feed your pet (like in real life) and make sure you take full use of it (not like in real life). You get 4 hours of extra power if you feed your pet. It is recommend to only feed your pet if you really can play for 4 hours, otherwise you are wasting the power of your pet.

However, there is a trick;

As you might already know every player gets a free pet for 24 hours. It’s useful, if you just play for a few minutes per day. It is free and won’t cost you any money, because you don’t need to feed it.

If its really worth it to buy a pet and food for it really depends on how you play the game. It can be really useful, but if you are just playing on an average level a free pet is enough.


Two Finger Trick

If you are doing a raid already found two holes with coins, there is (of course) a 50% chance to find the right one among the remaining two holes. Unless you use the two-finger trick.

In this case you have to tap both holes at the same time with two fingers and press it for about one second. Then lift both fingers (again simultaneously!) away from the phone display. If you do this accurately, the game will automatically select the hole under which the coins are hidden. Remember: This is one of the most difficult tricks – but it’s worth the practice!