Perfect Timing Raid Strategy: Become the Master of Revenge

What You Need:

  1. Raid Symbols: At least one Raid symbol from your spins, which allows you to raid another player’s village for coins.
  2. Foils or Shields: Your village adequately protected either through shields or by not having too many coins that can be raided.
  3. A Target: Someone you’ve been itching to raid, either for revenge or because you know they have a stash of coins.
  4. Quick Fingers: Speed and timing are of the essence.

The Strategy in a Nutshell:

You’ll be using the Raid symbol to launch a carefully timed raid on a specific target when they are most vulnerable!


  1. Scout Your Target: Choose your raid target wisely. This could be someone who recently attacked your village or someone you know has been stockpiling coins. You can check this through the game’s leaderboard or your friends’ list.
  2. Ready, Set, WAIT: Once you’ve obtained a Raid symbol from your spins, the game allows you to pick from three targets. DO NOT pick right away; this is where timing is crucial.
  3. Stalk Social Media or Chat: Many players announce their big wins or upgrades on social media or in your friend circle. This is the time when they are flush with coins but have possibly spent their shields.
  4. Check the Time: Many players tend to log off after a big win or after completing a difficult village. Knowing the playing habits of your target can provide a window of opportunity.
  5. Strategic Delay: If the game automatically assigns a target that you know is lucrative, don’t rush to raid. Wait a few seconds; give them the time to possibly spend their shields or even better, to collect more coins!
  6. Raid! Raid! Raid!: Once you’re confident that your target is ripe for raiding, go in guns blazing! Tap like you’ve never tapped before and seize those coins!
  7. Laugh Maniacally: Okay, this step is optional, but highly recommended!

Why This Strategy is Amazing:

  1. Precision: By choosing your target and timing your raid wisely, you’re not leaving it all to chance; you’re making an informed decision.
  2. Sweet Revenge: If you’ve been the target of frequent raids or attacks, this strategy lets you get your own back, but with interest!
  3. Maximize Loot: If you manage to time it when they have the maximum number of coins and minimum protection, you’ll be hitting the jackpot of raid loot!


  1. Remember, it’s all in good fun. It’s a game, so don’t go too overboard with the revenge aspect!
  2. The strategy involves a level of risk, as timing is crucial, and you could miss your moment.

Unleash your inner Viking and become the Coin Master you were always destined to be with the “Perfect Timing Raid Strategy”! Raid, pillage, and plunder like a pro! Your friends will be in awe, and your enemies will tremble in fear as you amass wealth beyond your wildest dreams! Enjoy!

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