Raid-Defend Strategy: Save Your Coins

Let us introduce the “Raid-Defend Strategy,” a game-changer for those who’ve felt the sting of a sudden raid depleting their hard-earned coins. With this tactic, you can not only protect your coins but also optimize the way you raid others. Let’s dive deep!

The Core Concept of Raid-Defend

The Raid-Defend Strategy involves a two-pronged approach:

Smart Raiding: Selectively raiding players to maximize coin gain and minimize retaliation.

Fortified Defense: Implementing measures to reduce the loss from potential raids on your village.

Steps to Perfecting the Raid-Defend Strategy

1. Scout Before You Raid

Check for Shields: If possible, scout your opponent’s village to determine if they have shields activated. If they do, it’s usually better to move on to a less protected target.

Evaluate Potential Gain: Always try to raid villages where you’re likely to gain a substantial amount of coins. Targeting big players might seem tempting, but they’re also more likely to seek revenge.

2. Hold onto Your Shields

Don’t Waste Your Shields: If you’ve got multiple shields in stock, avoid using spins. Once you’ve lost a shield due to an attack, then resume spinning.

Cycle Players: If you’re repeatedly attacked by the same player, consider not repairing your village immediately. Instead, wait a while. They might move onto another target, giving you breathing room.

3. Prioritize Essential Upgrades

Strengthen Defenses: Before focusing on aesthetic upgrades, ensure your village’s defenses are robust. The stronger your defense, the lesser coins you lose in raids.

Utilize Coin Master Groups: Engage with the game’s community on social media platforms. They often share which upgrades are the most effective against raids.

Benefits of the Raid-Defend Strategy

Increased Coin Savings: By being strategic about when and whom you raid, and by bolstering your defenses, you’ll find that your coin savings consistently stay high.

Reduced Frustration: There’s nothing worse than seeing a massive chunk of your coins taken away. By using this strategy, those heartbreaking raids will be a rare occurrence.

Better Game Relationships: By not always targeting the same players and not always going for the biggest fish in the sea, you create less animosity and forge better game relationships.


The Raid-Defend Strategy isn’t just about accumulating coins; it’s about understanding the dynamics of the game and fostering a more enjoyable experience. You’ll face fewer retaliations, and the coins you earn will be safeguarded against sudden losses.

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