The Daily Bonus Boost Technique: Seize the Day, Every Day!

What You Need:

  1. Daily Bonus: Coin Master awards a daily bonus, which you claim once every 24 hours.
  2. Pet Snack: Used to activate your pet for a limited duration.
  3. Foxy: One of the pets in Coin Master that gives you an extra raid reward.

The Strategy in a Nutshell:

You will strategically activate your pet Foxy right before collecting your daily bonus, thus boosting the coins you gain from the bonus.


  1. Timing is Everything: Keep track of when your daily bonus becomes available. Set a reminder if needed.
  2. Activate Foxy: Before you claim the daily bonus, feed Foxy with a pet snack. This activates her for the next few hours.
  3. Boosted Bonus: With Foxy active, her ability will give you additional coins on the daily bonus. When you claim the bonus, you’ll notice the increased reward thanks to Foxy’s raiding abilities.
  4. Maximize the Duration: Since you’ve activated Foxy, make the most of her abilities during her active period. Try to get as many raids in as possible during this time, to reap the extra rewards she offers.

Why This Strategy is a Game-Changer:

  1. Optimized Rewards: By aligning Foxy’s active period with the daily bonus collection, you ensure that you get a boosted bonus every day.
  2. Consistency: Even if you don’t play extensively every day, using this technique guarantees that you’re making significant progress daily.
  3. Efficient Use of Resources: Instead of randomly using pet snacks, you’re using them with a clear purpose, ensuring their maximum impact.


  1. The effectiveness of this technique is tied to Foxy’s level. As you level up Foxy, the rewards get better.
  2. Be wary of keeping too many coins, as it can attract raiders. Plan your spending or upgrades after collecting your boosted daily bonus.

Harness the power of the “Daily Bonus Boost Technique” and watch as your coffers swell day by day. With Foxy by your side and strategy at the forefront, no village is too expensive, and no upgrade is out of reach! Stay diligent, reap the rewards, and become the envy of all in Coin Master!

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