20 Chests Each

Another great trick to get the maximum out of the chests is the 20 each trick.

Buy 20 wooden chests, 20 golden chests and 20 magical chests. In this way you get the most new cards and avoid duplicates.

The 2 Stars Each Trick

You just reached the next village level? Now you want to get the best possible cards? This trick will help you to achieve it:

Upgrade all objects to 2 stars each, after this start to open chests!


Slow But Steady

Start with buying wooden chests until the last card is 3 stars or more. After this go ahead and buy the golden chests until the last card is 4 stars or even a Gold Card. After this move on to the magical chests until the last card is a Gold Card. After you got the Gold Card start all the process again with the wooden chest. In this way you will have the best possible chances to get new and rare cards!

Increase Chance of New Cards

This trick is very useful;

When you open a new chest, check out how many stars the last card got. If it got 4-5 stars buy a magical chest. If it got 3 stars buy a golden chest. If it only got 1 or 2 stars you should buy a wooden chest.

If you do it with this method the chance you will get new cards is much higher. Sometimes people are spending so many coins and buy so many chests, but they keep getting the same cards. If you don’t find any new cards it is highly recommended to move right into the next level.

Before you move into the next level you should make sure you didn’t miss any rare card.

On here you will find the full card list.

Send more than 5 Cards per day

There is a very easy, but also very effective trick in order to send more than 5 cards per day. Simply change your phone’s setting to the next day. This trick is working very well at the moment. However, it might be possible the developer will change it someday. Take advantage of it as long as it is working.

Join Facebook Groups

You love to play the game, but you didn’t join any Facebook group yet?! Big mistake. It is the place to be.

Why joining the Facebook groups?

You can have a huge advantage by joining these groups, especially when you don’t have many friends on your Facebook, which are playing this game. Make sure you only get quality friends tho. Not randomly add people.

Here are some advantages:

  • Find some new friends
  • Get daily gifts from friends
  • Find buddies to trade cards
  • The game is much more fun
  • More other players to compete with

Especially the card trading aspect is very crucial. It helps you to complete card collections in order to get even more rewards.

Only Add Quality Friends

When it comes to Facebook groups you will soon notice there are many different kind of players. Some will only take advantage and want you to send them gifts, but by themselves they are lazy and not really helpful. They don’t really trade with you or even wanna harm you in any possible way.

As you might already know there is a friend limit of 151 friends. Facebook groups have thousands of members. Make sure you only add those to your friend list, which are actually helping you and sending you gifts.

Don’t waste your time, space or gifts by using them on low quality friends.

Here is how to remove friends and also how to add friends.

Get Rare Cards Through Facebook Groups

Some people will give away free rare cards on Facebook groups. Once you get one you will start getting more of the same easier when opening new chests. The rewards you get you can trade for new rare cards.

It is definitely worth it to join groups on Facebook and make friends. Don’t underestimate it!