Fakes, Hacker, Phishing and Scammer

When it comes to the game you will see many websites, videos and also Facebook groups, where people are promising you all kinda stuff.

Here is what they could possibly tell you to get:

  • Free Spins
  • Free Coins
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Chests
  • Unlimited Spins
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Rewards

Most common places to run into a scammer

YouTube is probably the biggest place for scammers. If you are searching for “free spins” you will see endless videos showing you hacks or tools such as a generator. They promise you to generate free spins or coins. Let us be clear: Such tools really exist and these videos might even be real, but the scammer will redirect you to a website, where you have to enter personal details such as your password. Never share your personal information with anyone.

No human verification

Just think about it: If there is a full working hack, why would this hack tool be available for free for anyone? Every single player could just use this hack and never spend money again. Even worse: Some hackers could use bots to take full advantage of these tools. All the hacks/generators/cheats are going to force you to verify yourself as human. They promise you free spins, coins, but you won’t receive them.

Don’t fall for the human verification scam.

Common red flags

  • They ask for personal information
  • They ask for your email address
  • They ask for Facebook details such as password
  • They ask weird questions, which could be used as a security question
  • They are using a fake account to contact you
  • The websites don’t have a disclaimer
  • Websites are written in very poor English
  • They ask for your password
  • Phishing attempts (fake websites looking exactly like Facebook)
  • They want you to send them rare gold cards first
Be aware of phishing attempts!

People don’t want to spend money anymore

Why are people getting into all this trouble? The answer is easy: Everyone is trying to avoid spending money on the game. We can understand it. In-game purchases are extremely important and without enough coins and spins, you will have a hard time competing with other gamers, which are happy to spend their real money on the game. You can literally “buy success” by spending money on pet food or spins in the game.

Just take a look at how expensive the in-game purchases actually are:

What are In-Game Purchases?

Through in-game purchases, even free games can easily become rip-offs. We show you how to limit the risks.

The most important facts in brief:

  • In-game purchases refer to all purchases made during a game. In-game apps are referred to as in-app purchases.
    The principle: users are regularly animated during the game, e.g. to buy new game functions in order to celebrate better or faster game success.
  • So-called “free to play” games can initially be installed for free. However, in-game purchases can make the game fun expensive.
  • Even if you don’t pay money through in-game purchases, you can still reveal a lot of your data while playing.

No matter whether on the computer, via app on the smartphone or on the game console: So-called in-game purchases (or microtransactions) have established themselves as a business model for online games. In-game purchases are also referred to as in-app purchases for games via app on mobile devices.

The principle is common: During the game, users are repeatedly offered paid extensions. Especially in free games, in-game purchases are aggressively marketed, as the games are financed through them. However, additional in-game purchases are also increasingly found in paid titles. A popular example is FIFA Ultimate Team. If you want to unlock additional game content, play faster, reach higher levels or get better or rarer items, you have to pay real money in the game’s in-game shop.

In-Game purchases are basically all purchases made during a game. Typical examples of in-game purchases are: Points, coins, diamonds, materials, etc. (so-called in-game currency, which is used for follow-up purchases in the game and can lead to losing track of the costs). They also can be new characters, skills, equipment etc. which will lead to faster achievements, reaching a new level, shorter waiting times and so on.

In-game purchases can usually be made with real money within a shop that can be accessed via the game menu.

Be aware guys, don’t get addicted. There are thousands of gamer spending thousands of dollar every single month. They completely lost track over how much money they actually spent.

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The Rules

Ever came across the “rule players”? What does it even mean? Players who obey the rules? Well, these players are having their own unofficial rules. Usually these players have certain rules, which they want their friends to follow as well.

These rules are easy to understand, nothing special or difficult:

Never attack your friends!

There is a way to avoid attacking players who are not in your friends list: When you get attacked, press revenge and choose random. The result is you will mostly attack people, which are not in your friends list. Players are following this unofficial rule to hurt damage each other.


If you are about to raid your friends you send them a message on Facebook first. You wait for a couple minutes and see if you hear from them. Basically you ask them if you can dig or you let them spend all the coins first. Here is the trick: You can still dig the coins, even if the person just spent all the coins. This means no one losing anything. You gain coins and your friend is able to react and spend all the coins first.

Not all people play this way, so if you don’t know a person you are connecting with just check it or be clear about the way you play yourself. If you are not a match it might be best to just unfriend and look for other friends.

Of course not everyone is playing in this way. There are a few groups on Facebooks, which are only playing in this way. The best is to hit your “new” friends up with a message to know if they follow any rules regarding raids or attacks. If you follow these rules, but your friends doesn’t its best to remove them from the friends list.


Join Facebook Groups

You love to play the game, but you didn’t join any Facebook group yet?! Big mistake. It is the place to be.

Why joining the Facebook groups?

You can have a huge advantage by joining these groups, especially when you don’t have many friends on your Facebook, which are playing this game. Make sure you only get quality friends tho. Not randomly add people.

Here are some advantages:

  • Find some new friends
  • Get daily gifts from friends
  • Find buddies to trade cards
  • The game is much more fun
  • More other players to compete with

Especially the card trading aspect is very crucial. It helps you to complete card collections in order to get even more rewards.

Only Add Quality Friends

When it comes to Facebook groups you will soon notice there are many different kind of players. Some will only take advantage and want you to send them gifts, but by themselves they are lazy and not really helpful. They don’t really trade with you or even wanna harm you in any possible way.

As you might already know there is a friend limit of 151 friends. Facebook groups have thousands of members. Make sure you only add those to your friend list, which are actually helping you and sending you gifts.

Don’t waste your time, space or gifts by using them on low quality friends.

Here is how to remove friends and also how to add friends.

How To Send Gifts

Press the menu button on the top right corner of the game. Tap “Gifts”. From there on you will be able to collect and send gifts like cards, spins or coins. You can receive 50 spins each time. It depends on your village level on how many coins you can send or receive.

Removing Friends

The only way to remove friends from the game is by removing them from your Facebook account. This means you have to unfriend them, if you want them to disappear from your friend list in the game.

You just unfriended someone on Facebook and you wonder why they still show up on your friend list? Well, it can take up to 24 hours until the list refreshes. You can interact with the friend as long as they are on your list, even if you already unfriended them on Facebook.

Keep in mind there is a limit of 151 friends at the moment. If you have more friends than 151 they won’t show up. Sometimes it makes sense to remove some friends from the game.

What are Chests?

Chests are items in the game that contain collectible cards. They come in three different tiers – Wooden, Golden, and Magical.

In chests, you will find different items such as cards, which you can collect. If you complete a card collection you will receive rewards. You can also trade these cards with your friends. There are three different tiers of chests; wooden, golden, and magical.

The different chests contain a different number of cards:

Wooden chests: 2 cards
Golden chests: 4 cards
Magical chests: 8 cards

You can get these chests in different ways. During raids, you can dig them out, but you can also get them as a reward for finishing villages. You can also buy the chests in the shop of game using your coins.