Viking Quest

The Viking Quest is a game within the game that allows players to spin the new Viking Slots with their Coins instead of Spins and earn astronomical rewards!

Tapping on the reward icon near the bottom right of the screen will open the Mission Map which shows the players progress through the 10 unique and exciting missions!

Tapping on any rewards icon on the Mission Map reveals the items inside which offer greater and greater rewards including Gold Cards! 

All Coins won in the Viking Slots are Raid Protected for 3 minutes after each press of the Viking “Spin” button. 

Balloon Frenzy

The Balloon Frenzy event is a fun and easy mini-game within the game!

Stay focused while spinning and interacting with your Village and pop the Balloons that float by to earn rewards!

Cards for Chests

In this event you can get brand new chests in exchange of your duplicate cards!

It is possible to trade your duplicate cards for three types of chests. The specific combinations gives you a different rewards in form of spins, pet food, xp or cards.

Every card shows a number of stars at the top that show its actual value, and these numbers are added up when choosing which cards to trade for a brand new chest. It will automatically choose the lowest level and most common cards to trade, but this can be disabled by pressing on the “Select cards for me” box to allow for selection of cards to trade. 

After a chest is traded for, a timer will appear which will lock the trade for another chest of the same type for a certain amount of time. You can skip this timer if you are using your coins to do so.

Keep in mind the card trade will not lower your game stars! 

Cards Boom

You will get 50% more cards out of the chests!

Normally it is as followed:

Wooden chests: 2 cards

Golden chests: 4 cards

Magical chests: 8 cards

During the Card Boom event, the Wooden Chest will reward the player with 3 cards, Golden with 6, and Magical with 12!


Bet Blast

The Bet Blast Event blows your winnings out of proportion with higher Bets and bigger rewards!

Blast through Villages, Raid your friends, Attack your rivals – all with outrageous Bets and astronomical rewards!

Village Master

Celebrate your progress during the Village Master event!

Every time you reach another village level you will get more and better rewards. The higher the village level you complete, the better are the rewards. During this event you should complete as much villages as possible.

Raid Madness

During the “Raid Madness” event you will get more rewards, if you are raiding other villages. The higher the level the better rewards you will get!

Basically its easy: During this event you will get rewards if you raid other villages.

Attack Master

Get more rewards by doing attacks during the Attack Master event! During this event you will get closer to some great rewards every time you are attacking another village. The higher the stage the higher your goals and rewards!

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