Boom Villages List

Boom Villages List

Boom villages are villages where you have a chance to get more golden and rare cards by opening chests, so it’s advised to stay longer in these villages.

Here is the known list of Boom villages:

  • Village 5 : Far east
  • Village 7 : sunny hawai
  • Village 10 : atlantis
  • Village 13 : Arabian nights
  • Village 15 wild west
  • Village 17 jungle
  • Village 20 the arctic
  • Village 22 Candy land
  • Village 27 columbus
  • Village 30 india
  • Village 34 dragon lair
  • Village 35 greek island
  • Village 37 the wizard
  • Village 40 area 51
  • Village 45 musketeers
  • Village 47 theme park
  • Village 49 hell
  • Village 50 easter
  • Village 51 japan
  • Village 55 jurassic ville
  • Village 57 Mongolia
  • Village 60 Robin hood
  • Village 61 Deep sea
  • Village 62 don Quixote
  • Village 65 Olympus
  • Village 75 Unicorn
  • Village 79 Tin Soldier
  • Village 83 Car Racing
  • Village 87  Baba Yaga
  • Village 90 King Arthur
  • Village 93 Caribbean Resort
  • Village 95 Egyptian Pyramids
  • Village 98 Milky Way
  • Village 102 Goblin Ghetto
  • Village 105 Circus
  • Village 107 Golf Course
  • Village 110 Rice Farmer
  • Village 112 Irish Craic
  • Village 115 Aztec
  • Village 117 Ice Queen
  • Village 122 tennis
  • Village 125 Witches
  • Village 127 Zanzibar
  • Village 130 argentina
  • Village 135 Gymnastics
  • Village 136 New york
  • Village 138 Punk rock
  • Village 140 Rio
  • Village 141 space pirate
  • Village 142 Mech workshop
  • Village 143 Jock & Jonna

We are always updating the list!

Villages to get gold cards

These villages are proven by the player that got the golden cards:

  • Village 5 8 10 –  For sets up to 10 you can complete all sets on village 10
  • Village 15 –  For sets up to 15.
  • Village 20 – For rares cards like Monk wizard and scarecrow and gold cards too.
  • Village 22  – For Queen Set golds
  • Village 25 – For big set Heroes golds
  • Village 27 – Opens lettuce set you can get lettuce here but I will say 28 little good to get lettuce card.
  • Village 30 – Opens Excalibur card you can get here.

Boom Village Guide

One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the Boom Village feature, where players can build a village that is designed to generate huge amounts of coins. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Boom Villages, how to build them, and how to make the most of them.

What is a Coin Master Boom Village?

A Coin Master Boom Village is a specially designed village that is created to generate a high amount of coins. These villages have a unique layout, with buildings placed in strategic locations to maximize coin production. The Boom Village feature was introduced in the game as a way for players to earn more coins and progress through the game faster.

Building a Boom Village

Building a Boom Village requires some planning and strategy. The first step is to ensure that you have enough coins to purchase the necessary buildings and upgrades. Once you have enough coins, you can start building your Boom Village.

The key to building a successful Boom Village is to place your buildings in strategic locations. Each building has a specific function, and placing them in the right location can help maximize their effectiveness. Here are some tips for building a successful Boom Village:

  1. Place your Coin Master and Coin Master’s Home buildings in the center of your village. These buildings generate coins every hour, so it’s essential to have them in a location where they can generate the most coins.
  2. Place your Village Master and Village Master’s Home buildings near your Coin Master buildings. These buildings increase the amount of coins your Coin Master generates, so having them nearby will help maximize your coin production.
  3. Place your Coin Dozer and Coin Dozer’s Home buildings near the edges of your village. These buildings generate coins every time you play the Coin Dozer game, so having them near the edges will help ensure that you collect all the coins.
  4. Place your Coin Vault and Coin Vault’s Home buildings near your Coin Master and Village Master buildings. These buildings increase the maximum amount of coins you can hold, so having them nearby will help ensure that you can store as many coins as possible.
  5. Upgrade your buildings as soon as you can. Upgrading your buildings increases their effectiveness and can help you generate more coins.

Making the Most of Your Boom Village

Once you’ve built your Boom Village, it’s essential to make the most of it. Here are some tips for maximizing your coin production:

  1. Log in frequently to collect your coins. The Coin Master and Coin Dozer buildings generate coins every hour, so logging in frequently will ensure that you collect all the coins.
  2. Use your spins wisely. The slot machine is a crucial part of the game, and it’s essential to use your spins wisely. Save your spins for when you need them the most, such as when you’re attacking other players’ villages or trying to complete a set of cards.
  3. Attack other players’ villages. Attacking other players’ villages can help you earn coins and other rewards. Look for players with a low level of protection and attack their village to steal their coins.
  4. Complete sets of cards. Completing sets of cards can earn you a significant amount of coins and other rewards. Keep an eye out for rare cards and trade with other players to complete your sets.
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