Daily Challenges and Rewards for More Spins & Coins

Tapping into Daily Bonuses

Consistent Logins: Your First Step

  • Daily Login Rewards: Make it a habit to log in every day. Coin Master rewards regular players with spins and coins just for opening the game.

Watching Ads: A Simple Click for Rewards

  • Ad-Watching Benefits: Regularly watch ads offered within the game. This simple action can earn you additional spins or coins.

Maximizing Event Participation

Keeping an Eye on Special Events

  • Event Awareness: Stay updated with Coin Master’s event calendar. Special events often provide higher rewards for the same activities.

Event-Specific Challenges

  • Event Challenges: Participate in daily challenges during events. These often have higher rewards and unique prizes.

The Power of Friends

Sending and Receiving Gifts

  • Gift Exchange: Add friends who play Coin Master. You can exchange gifts daily, including free spins and coins.

Leveraging Friend Invites

  • Invite Rewards: Invite friends to play Coin Master. You can receive rewards when friends accept your invite and start playing.

Strategic Village Building

Building with Purpose

  • Village Completion Rewards: Focus on completing your village. Each completed village awards a significant number of spins and coins.

Upgrading Strategically

  • Upgrading for Rewards: Upgrade buildings in your village for rewards. Higher-level upgrades often provide better rewards.

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Daily Coin Master links apps

  • Free Rewards through Apps: While many player are spending money, it can be much easier. Simply use Coin Master reward apps for iOS and Android. They collect daily rewards and links every single day to help you get more spins and coins.

Exploiting the Card Collection System

Trading Cards for Bigger Rewards

  • Card Trading: Complete card sets by trading with friends or the community. Completed sets yield substantial rewards, including spins.

Chests for Card Collection

  • Chests for Cards: Use your coins to buy chests. They contain cards that are essential for completing sets and earning rewards.

Harnessing the Spin Wheel

Optimizing Free Spin Opportunities

  • Maximizing Free Spins: Make sure you use all your free spins each day. They reset every 24 hours, so don’t let them go to waste.

Betting Wisely

  • Bet Multipliers: Use bet multipliers wisely. Higher bets can yield higher rewards but at the risk of losing more spins.

Participating in Raids and Attacks

Targeting High-Value Raids

  • Smart Raiding: Choose targets for raiding carefully. Players with higher coin balances offer more lucrative raid opportunities.

The Art of Attacking

  • Strategic Attacks: Attack other villages strategically. Successful attacks can yield coins and damage other players’ progress.

Utilizing Daily Bonus Wheel

Spinning the Bonus Wheel

  • Daily Bonus Wheel: Don’t forget to spin the daily bonus wheel. It can offer a significant number of spins or coins.

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Understanding Shields: Your Ultimate Protective Guide

In the thrilling world of “Coin Master,” where raiding and attacking villages is a key part of the gameplay, having a strong defense is just as vital as a proactive offense. This is where shields come into play. Essential for protecting your hard-earned treasures and progress, shields are a must-have for every savvy player. Let’s delve deep into the protective realm of shields in this guide.

Basics: What are Shields?

  • Definition: In “Coin Master”, shields serve as protective barriers for your village, fending off potential attackers and safeguarding your precious coins and structures.
  • Appearance: Shields have a round, metallic look, typically adorned with designs that hint at their protective nature. When someone tries to attack your village, an animation will show the shield deflecting the attack.

Purpose and Functionality of Shields

  1. Defensive Tool: The primary role of a shield is to prevent an attacker from damaging your village. When you have a shield active and someone attacks you, it will absorb the blow, leaving your village untouched.
  2. Limited Usage: One shield defends against one attack. If you have three shields, for instance, you’ll be protected from three separate attacks. After its use, the shield is consumed, and you’ll need another to ensure future protection.

Acquiring Shields

  • Spinning the Slot Machine: The most common way to earn a shield is by hitting the shield symbol when spinning the slot machine. The more symbols you get in a row, the more shields you receive.
  • Events and Rewards: Participating in special “Coin Master” events or completing certain challenges can sometimes reward players with shields.
  • Purchasing with Real Money: Some in-game packages offer shields as part of the deal, allowing players to bolster their defenses with real-world currency.

Strategies and Tips for Using Shields

  1. Monitor Your Shield Count: Always be aware of how many shields you have active. This way, you can take informed actions, like going on a spinning spree to try and acquire more shields when you’re running low.
  2. Don’t Rely Solely on Shields: While they are a fantastic defensive tool, don’t become overly complacent. Upgrade your village and advance levels as quickly as possible to minimize potential losses during an attack.
  3. Engage in Events: Events can be a great way to stockpile on shields, especially if they offer shields as rewards for participation or completion.
  4. Interact with Friends: If you’re connected to social media platforms, engage with your friends. They can gift you shields, and you can return the favor, ensuring mutual protection.

Stay protected!

Shields play a pivotal role in “Coin Master,” providing a protective layer against the onslaught of fellow players eager to raid and attack your village. By understanding their importance, acquiring them strategically, and using them wisely, you can navigate the game’s challenges with a secure base. Remember, a well-defended village not only preserves your coins but also showcases your strategic mastery over the game. Stay shielded and play confidently!

Mastering Spins: An In-depth Guide

Introduction to Coin Master Spins

The lifeblood of any “Coin Master” player’s progression lies in the simple yet thrilling action: the spin. Understanding the mechanics, intricacies, and strategies surrounding spins is crucial to advancing in the game. This guide delves deep into the world of spins in “Coin Master”, offering insights and tips to maximize their utility.

Basics: What are Coin Master Spins?

  • Definition: Spins are the opportunities players get to rotate the slot machine in “Coin Master”. Every spin can yield different results, like coins, shields, hammers, or even more spins!
  • Appearance: They are represented by a red energy button located at the slot machine.

How to Use Coin Master Spins

  1. Access the Slot Machine: The main and most exciting use of spins is at the slot machine. Depending on the combination you get, you could earn coins, the opportunity to attack, raid, or even earn more spins.
  2. Event Participation: Occasionally, “Coin Master” offers events where players can use spins to achieve event-specific goals. These events often come with exclusive rewards, making every spin even more valuable.

How to Earn More Coin Master Spins Free

  • Daily Rewards: Just by logging in daily, players are awarded several free spins.
  • Inviting Friends: Inviting friends to play the game can yield a significant number of free spins once they join and play.
  • Hourly Allowance: Players automatically earn 5 free spins every hour, so checking in frequently can help replenish your spin stock.
  • Completing Sets: Collecting and completing card sets can reward players with spins.
  • Participating in Village Master Events: These events reward spins for completing a village at any given level.
  • Leveling up: Gaining XP and leveling up often provides a spin boost.
  • Spins from the Slot Machine: Ironically, the slot machine itself can be a source of spins if you land on the energy capsule icon.

Maximizing Spin Benefits: Strategies and Tips

  1. Save for Events: Special events often bring increased rewards. If you know an event is around the corner, save up spins to capitalize on these special occasions.
  2. Set a Daily Goal: Instead of mindlessly spinning, set a daily goal for coins or village upgrades. This way, you make the most out of each spin.
  3. Be Patient: If you’re running low on spins, remember that you get a set amount every hour. It might be worth waiting instead of spending real money.
  4. Connect to Social Media: By connecting your game to Facebook, not only can you save your game progress, but you can also exchange spins and coins with friends.


Spins are the heart of the “Coin Master” experience. Their unpredictable nature adds excitement to the game and gives every player the hope of hitting that jackpot combination. By understanding the importance of spins, strategizing their use, and knowing how to earn more, you can ensure that your “Coin Master” journey remains thrilling and rewarding. Spin wisely and enjoy the adventure!

Everything You Need To Know About Coins

Introduction Every mobile game has its currency and mechanics that drive the gameplay. In the popular mobile game “Coin Master”, one of the primary in-game currencies is coins. If you’re new to the game or just looking to deepen your understanding, this guide will break down everything you need to know about coins in Coin Master.

The Basics: What are Coins?

Definition: In Coin Master, coins are the primary in-game currency used to carry out various tasks and actions.

Appearance: They look like gold coins and display a numerical value, representing the amount you currently have.

Purpose and Use of Coins

Upgrading Buildings: One of the main uses of coins is to upgrade the buildings in your village. Each upgrade boosts the value of your village, bringing you closer to completing it and moving on to the next one.

Buying Items: There are specific items within the game that can only be bought using coins. This includes certain card packs and other in-game utilities.

Protecting Your Village: Shields, which help protect your village from attacks, can be purchased using coins.

How to Earn Coins

Spinning the Slot Machine: This is the primary method to earn coins. By spinning the machine, you can win a large number of coins, especially if you land on coin piles or bags.

Raiding Other Players: When you land on the hammer symbol while spinning, you get a chance to raid another player’s village. This can yield a significant number of coins if you dig in the right spots.

Attacking Other Villages: Landing on the lightning bolt symbol lets you attack other villages, and if successful, you can earn a good amount of coins.

Daily Bonuses and Gifts: Coin Master often gives out daily bonuses and gifts, which frequently contain coins.

Spending Wisely: Tips to Maximize Your Coins

Prioritize Upgrades: Always start with the most valuable upgrades in your village. This not only speeds up village completion but also gives attackers less opportunity to steal your hard-earned coins.

Invest in Shields: If you have a large number of coins, consider buying shields. This way, you can protect your village and coins from potential raiders and attackers.

Don’t Hoard Unnecessarily: While saving is good, hoarding a massive amount of coins without using them can make you a tempting target for raids. Spend wisely but regularly.

Coins play an essential role in shaping your Coin Master experience. By understanding their purpose and maximizing their use, you can ensure a smoother journey through the game’s villages and challenges. Remember, it’s not just about earning coins, but also about spending them in ways that propel you forward in the game.

How To Send Gifts

Press the menu button on the top right corner of the game. Tap “Gifts”. From there on you will be able to collect and send gifts like cards, spins or coins. You can receive 50 spins each time. It depends on your village level on how many coins you can send or receive.

Adding Friends

First of all make sure you are logged into Facebook. Otherwise you won’t be able to add or invite friends.

Tap on the menu icon on the right corner and press “invite friends“. If they follow your invitation link and start playing the game for the first time you will receive rewards in form of spins and coins. Its definitely worth it.

Keep in mind there are also friend invite limits!

Removing Friends

The only way to remove friends from the game is by removing them from your Facebook account. This means you have to unfriend them, if you want them to disappear from your friend list in the game.

You just unfriended someone on Facebook and you wonder why they still show up on your friend list? Well, it can take up to 24 hours until the list refreshes. You can interact with the friend as long as they are on your list, even if you already unfriended them on Facebook.

Keep in mind there is a limit of 151 friends at the moment. If you have more friends than 151 they won’t show up. Sometimes it makes sense to remove some friends from the game.

Finding a specific Friend

There is currently a limit of 151 friends which you can have in the game. If you have over 151 friends who play this game, some of them will not be displayed. For this same reason, you may be able to see a friend in your game, but they would not see you.

However, there is a way to fix this problem: You can remove friends by deleting/unfriending/removing them from your Facebook. The game will refresh the friend list and another friend who play this game will be randomly replace the removed friend.

If you are looking for a way on how to get more friends you can check out several Facebook groups. You can trade cards with friends or send/receive gifts from your friends.

Joker Card

During events you can receive the “Joker Card” or you can get it out of mystery chests. You can transform the Joker Card into any card you want – also gold cards!

The Joker Card has an expire date (no joke). So make sure you are using it on time, otherwise its useless.


What are Cards?

You can collect cards in the game in several different ways. They are collectable items. 9 cards make one collection. If you complete one collection you will get cool rewards in form of spins, coins or pets. If the card collection is rare you will get even better rewards in return. It is definitely worth it to collect cards.

Every level got specific cards. It depends on your village level which card you can find.  You will also find cards in chests.

  • Wooden chests: 2 cards
  • Golden chests: 4 cards
  • Magical chests: 8 cards

One common practice is to trade cards with your friends, when you need one to complete a collection.

There also gold cards, which you can find when you are on a higher village level.