How To Send Gifts

Press the menu button on the top right corner of the game. Tap “Gifts”. From there on you will be able to collect and send gifts like cards, spins or coins. You can receive 50 spins each time. It depends on your village level on how many coins you can send or receive.

Adding Friends

First of all make sure you are logged into Facebook. Otherwise you won’t be able to add or invite friends.

Tap on the menu icon on the right corner and press “invite friends“. If they follow your invitation link and start playing the game for the first time you will receive rewards in form of spins and coins. Its definitely worth it.

Keep in mind there are also friend invite limits!

Removing Friends

The only way to remove friends from the game is by removing them from your Facebook account. This means you have to unfriend them, if you want them to disappear from your friend list in the game.

You just unfriended someone on Facebook and you wonder why they still show up on your friend list? Well, it can take up to 24 hours until the list refreshes. You can interact with the friend as long as they are on your list, even if you already unfriended them on Facebook.

Keep in mind there is a limit of 151 friends at the moment. If you have more friends than 151 they won’t show up. Sometimes it makes sense to remove some friends from the game.

Finding a specific Friend

There is currently a limit of 151 friends which you can have in the game. If you have over 151 friends who play this game, some of them will not be displayed. For this same reason, you may be able to see a friend in your game, but they would not see you.

However, there is a way to fix this problem: You can remove friends by deleting/unfriending/removing them from your Facebook. The game will refresh the friend list and another friend who play this game will be randomly replace the removed friend.

If you are looking for a way on how to get more friends you can check out several Facebook groups. You can trade cards with friends or send/receive gifts from your friends.

Joker Card

During events you can receive the “Joker Card” or you can get it out of mystery chests. You can transform the Joker Card into any card you want – also gold cards!

The Joker Card has an expire date (no joke). So make sure you are using it on time, otherwise its useless.


What are Cards?

You can collect cards in the game in several different ways. They are collectable items. 9 cards make one collection. If you complete one collection you will get cool rewards in form of spins, coins or pets. If the card collection is rare you will get even better rewards in return. It is definitely worth it to collect cards.

Every level got specific cards. It depends on your village level which card you can find.  You will also find cards in chests.

  • Wooden chests: 2 cards
  • Golden chests: 4 cards
  • Magical chests: 8 cards

One common practice is to trade cards with your friends, when you need one to complete a collection.

There also gold cards, which you can find when you are on a higher village level.

How To Get Cards

Mostly you can get cards through opening chests. You can buy the chest in the shop of the game simply by using your existing coins. However, you can also get chests from events or raids. It depends on the village level on what cards you are able to get. The higher your village level the rarer the cards you will possibly get.

Another great way to collect cards is by trading with friends. Normal Cards can be traded at any time with a limit of 5 per day, and Gold Cards can be traded during special events.

If you don’t want to rely on luck you can simply trade cards with your friends! Normal cards can be traded any time you want, but there is a limit of 5 cards per day. Gold cards are only tradeable during special events.

It is highly recommend to complete card collections in order to get rewards such as free spins and coins.

Trading Cards

You can trade cards using different platforms like the Facebook Messenger. Simply talk to other players/friends and start trading.

In order to send a card you have to open your card collection in the menu, press on the set, which includes your card and hit the “send” button on the specific card. Next you can choose which friend you want to send the card to. Keep in mind you can only send the specific card, if you got more than one of it. Gold cards can only be traded during special events!

Find more cards

It depends on your village level on what card you can find. It also depends on if the card is rare or not. Usually the more chests you buy the more cards you will find in your specific village level. Make sure not to leave any cards behind and to collect as many as possible. If you complete card collections you will receive rewards. Also you should know you will only find gold cards in higher level villages.

If you can’t find any new card in your village its a good sign to move up to the next village. Also you should keep in mind not every player is finding the same cards in the exact same place. The cards can be found anywhere throughout your village.

Here is a complete card list, which gets updated weekly.