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Playing the game is fun, but you know what is even more fun? Playing against friends! If your Facebook friends don’t like to play the game, you have the choice to join Facebook groups that are full of players. Playing together or against each other is not enough, it can be a real advantage to join such groups. While we’re talking about “benefits”, don’t forget to check out our daily links!


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Advantages of Facebook Groups

  • Make new friends
  • Collect more gifts in form of spins and coins
  • Make others friends and give away spins and coins
  • Find partners to trade cards
  • Learn from other players
  • Discuss the latest in-game updates

Facebook is really full of fan pages and groups when it comes to the game. Joining any group is easy, but which one is really worth it? Not all groups are as described above. Here is a list of what you can tell which groups you should leave.

The Facebook groups you should avoid

  • Inactive groups, where no postings have been made for a long time
  • Groups where advertising or spam links are frequently shared
  • Groups that are hardly or not at all moderated
  • Groups that do not set rules

It is important to note that only a very few good Facebook groups are public. Most really helpful and good groups are private. This is mainly to prevent fake accounts and spammers from accessing the group.

Unofficial rules

In some groups, there are unofficial rules among the players. This can mean, for example, that you message/warn other players before you attack or raid them. So they still have the chance to spend their coins. You will still be able to get the coins. This is just an example, there are certainly many other unofficial rules. We advise you to read the posts or rules in the group.


Facebook Groups


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Please note: We are not owners, moderator or administrator of the groups. We are not responsible for the groups or its content.


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FAQ about Coin Master Groups

What are Coin Master Facebook Groups?

Coin Master Facebook Groups are communities of Coin Master players who have joined together to share tips, strategies, and other helpful information about the game. These groups can be found on Facebook and are open to anyone who plays Coin Master.

How do I join a Coin Master Facebook Group?

To join a Coin Master Facebook Group, you need to have a Facebook account. Simply search for “Coin Master” or related keywords in the Facebook search bar, and you should be able to find several groups to choose from. Once you find a group that interests you, click on the “Join” button and wait for the group administrator to approve your request.

What are the benefits of joining a Coin Master Facebook Group?

Joining a Coin Master Facebook Group can provide several benefits, such as:

  • Access to helpful tips and strategies from other players
  • Opportunities to trade cards and gifts with other players
  • Participation in group events and challenges
  • Making new friends and connecting with other Coin Master enthusiasts

Are there any rules for Coin Master Facebook Groups?

Yes, most Coin Master Facebook Groups have rules and guidelines that members are expected to follow. These rules may include:

  • No spamming or self-promotion
  • No bullying or harassment of other members
  • No cheating or hacking of the game
  • No sharing of personal information

Make sure to read and understand the group’s rules before joining and participating.

How do I leave a Coin Master Facebook Group?

To leave a Coin Master Facebook Group, go to the group page, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and select “Leave Group” from the drop-down menu. You will no longer receive notifications or updates from the group after leaving.


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