Get rid of anxiety, stress and worries!

Do you often play Coin Master and get angry when you found out some people raid your village or you get extremely unlucky with your spins? We know this feeling. It happens to us as well. We freak out. We want to stop playing, but then, we start the game again. This is why we are recommending you a way to get rid of anxiety and stress!

These days many people are suffering from anxiety and stress, but it shouldn’t be like that because there are so many things that can help reduce anxiety and stress. For example, one of the best things that you can do is to make sure that you get enough sleep every night. That means at least eight hours of sleep, but if you can manage more then that’s even better. Sleeping helps to rejuvenate the body and mind, and it also helps to reduce stress levels.

Another great way to reduce anxiety and stress is to exercise on a regular basis. Exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting properties. Not only that, but exercise also helps to improve sleep quality and quantity. So if you’re looking for ways to reduce anxiety and stress, make sure to get plenty of exercises.

Last but not least, another great way to reduce anxiety and stress is to spend time with friends and family. Socializing can help take your mind off of whatever is causing you stress, and it can also help to improve your mood. So if you’re feeling stressed out, make sure to spend some time with your loved ones.


Get Happie and get free sleeping sounds for meditation!

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Never underestimate meditation and calm apps

What helped us the most recently was using meditation and sleeping sounds apps. With them, we were able to significantly improve our sleep quality and reduce stress.

There are many other things that can help reduce anxiety and stress, but these are just a few of the most popular and effective methods. If you’re looking for ways to reduce anxiety and stress, make sure to try out some of these methods.

Get rid of anxiety and stress!

Happie, which is a meditation app available for iOS and Android is one of those apps, which helped us a lot. It has a feature, that allows you to choose from different guided meditations, depending on your mood and needs.

We also love using sleep sounds apps, because they help us to fall asleep faster and sleep better overall. Some of our favorites are Relax Melodies, White Noise, and other sleep sound apps.

If you suffer from anxiety or stress, we hope that you’ll find these tips helpful. Remember, there are many ways to reduce anxiety and stress, so don’t hesitate to try out different methods until you find what works best for you.

These are just a few of the many things that you can do to reduce anxiety and stress. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and stress, don’t hesitate to reach out to a mental health professional for help.

Multiple Accounts

Have you ever heard of “baby accounts” on Coin Master? Well, “baby accounts” are called the 2nd account of some players. There are many people having multiple Facebook accounts, which they use to play Coin Master. This means they have an “unfair” advantage over players, which are only playing with one account. Basically every Facebook account = one Coin Master account. The more FB accounts you got, the more Coin Master accounts you got.

What advantages?

  • Trading within their accounts
  • Getting gold cards easier
  • Therefore easier to complete card collections and get rewards
  • Sending gifts to each account

How to switch the account you ask?!

There are tools like an “app cloner”, which let you have multiple versions of the same applications. This means people are having more versions of Facebook and Coin Master on their phone. Of course it is much easier just to use different devices. Another way is to deinstall Coin Master, switch the Facebook account and install Coin Master again.

Active Pets

Don’t forget to feed your pet (like in real life) and make sure you take full use of it (not like in real life). You get 4 hours of extra power if you feed your pet. It is recommend to only feed your pet if you really can play for 4 hours, otherwise you are wasting the power of your pet.

However, there is a trick;

As you might already know every player gets a free pet for 24 hours. It’s useful, if you just play for a few minutes per day. It is free and won’t cost you any money, because you don’t need to feed it.

If its really worth it to buy a pet and food for it really depends on how you play the game. It can be really useful, but if you are just playing on an average level a free pet is enough.


Two Finger Trick

If you are doing a raid on Coin Master already found two holes with coins, there is (of course) a 50% chance to find the right one among the remaining two holes. Unless you use the two-finger trick.

In this case you have to tap both holes at the same time with two fingers and press it for about one second. Then lift both fingers (again simultaneously!) away from the phone display. If you do this accurately, the game will automatically select the hole under which the coins are hidden. Remember: This is one of the most difficult Coin Master tricks – but it’s worth the practice!

Hate the game, but don’t spend money

Hate the game as much as you want, but don’t get addicted to it. The app is extremely designed to force you into certain actions. It’s gambling at its core. However, the developer did even worse. Let’s describe it like this: You get up early, go to the shower and brush your teeth, then buy yourself a breakfast snack in the subway? Coin Master would like to condition you exactly like this. Especially for the last part: Buying! Do yourself a favor and don’t even start buying spins, coins or other items. Don’t waste any money for this game, if necessary watch ads again and again, even if it doesn’t bring much. Don’t waste too much time for this game. Don’t waste any money. You will regret it later. Thank me later!

20 Chests Each

Another great trick to get the maximum out of the chests is the 20 each trick.

Buy 20 wooden chests, 20 golden chests and 20 magical chests. In this way you get the most new cards and avoid duplicates.

The 2 Stars Each Trick

You just reached the next village level? Now you want to get the best possible cards? This trick will help you to achieve it:

Upgrade all objects to 2 stars each, after this start to open chests!


Slow But Steady

Start with buying wooden chests until the last card is 3 stars or more. After this go ahead and buy the golden chests until the last card is 4 stars or even a Gold Card. After this move on to the magical chests until the last card is a Gold Card. After you got the Gold Card start all the process again with the wooden chest. In this way you will have the best possible chances to get new and rare cards!

Increase Chance of New Cards

This trick is very useful;

When you open a new chest, check out how many stars the last card got. If it got 4-5 stars buy a magical chest. If it got 3 stars buy a golden chest. If it only got 1 or 2 stars you should buy a wooden chest.

If you do it with this method the chance you will get new cards is much higher. Sometimes people are spending so many coins and buy so many chests, but they keep getting the same cards. If you don’t find any new cards it is highly recommended to move right into the next level.

Before you move into the next level you should make sure you didn’t miss any rare card.

On here you will find the full card list.

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