Effective Raiding Strategy

Coin Master is not just about spinning and building; it’s also about raiding and strategizing! Raiding is one of the core mechanics of the game, allowing players to steal coins from other villages. But like any good strategy game, simply jumping into a raid without a plan might leave you with less loot than you’d hope for. Here’s a detailed guide on how to maximize your raids in Coin Master.

Understanding the Raiding Mechanic

In Coin Master, when you land on three piggy faces on the slot machine, you’re given the opportunity to raid another player’s village. During a raid, you can dig three spots, and if you’re lucky, you can uncover huge amounts of coins.

Key Strategies for Successful Raids

  1. Target Selection: When you’re about to raid, the game often gives you three targets to choose from. While it’s tempting to raid the player with the highest amount of coins, remember that they might also have stronger defenses or more hidden traps.
  2. Digging Strategy: You get three digs during a raid. Many players swear by patterns, like always digging in the corners or the center. While the game is largely based on chance, sticking to a consistent pattern might increase your chances of hitting big.
  3. Shields Are Your Foe: If the player you’re raiding has a shield, it will block your raid. It’s essential to remember that while a shielded player can be a setback, it’s also a signal that the player might be worth raiding in the future, especially if they consistently have good loot.

Tips for Protecting Your Own Coins

Raids aren’t just about offense; you also need to think about defense.

  1. Invest in Shields: Shields can block up to three raids, so having one active can protect your stash. If you’re stocking up on coins, make sure to have a shield on at all times.
  2. Spend Before You Sleep: If you’re logging off for an extended period, try to spend as many coins as you can. It’s harder for players to raid a significant amount from you if you don’t have much to take!
  3. Stay Alert: Pay attention to alerts. If someone has raided you once, there’s a good chance they might come back, especially if they got a decent amount from you. Be ready to return the favor!

Making Raids Personal

  1. Revenge Raids: If someone raids your village, you have the chance to get back at them with a Revenge Raid. This is a great way to not only recover some of your lost coins but also to send a message.
  2. Friendly Competitions: If you have friends playing Coin Master, challenge each other to raid competitions. Who can pull off the biggest heist? It’s all in good fun and adds another layer to the game.


Raiding in Coin Master is a balance of risk and reward. With the right strategy and a bit of luck, you can become a master raider, protecting your coins and successfully pilfering from your foes. Remember, it’s all part of the game, so enjoy the thrill of the raid and the joy of discovery!

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