About Us

Who are we?

Three blokes from Scotland and huge fans of Coin Master always looking for ways on how to become even better on the game. Yup, Coin Master is pretty fun, especially when you play it with your pals.

We made Coin Master Guru in order to help even more people to succeed in this game. We are absolutely independent and not paid by anyone. This is more like a fanpage.  What we do is adding guides, tips and tricks for Coin Master to provide you with a huge database. Coinmaster.guru should be the number for every fan and gamer who wants to know more about the game.


Daily links and spins

Every single day we are looking for new rewards in form of links, which will bring you free coins, spins and other cool rewards. If you have any questions regarding the rewards or links you can check out our frequently asked questions.

Database of cards

We are always looking forward to add more cards and other valuable information about the game on our website. If you have any requests please let us know! You can contact us on here.



All the links and applications on our website are not developed or made by us. We are simply sharing and recommending them. We don’t have any responsibility for the content of the links or iOS/Android apps.

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