Fakes, Hacker, Phishing and Scammer

When it comes to Coin Master you will see many websites, videos and also Facebook groups, where people are promising you all kinda stuff.

Here is what they could possibly tell you to get:

  • Free Spins
  • Free Coins
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Unlimited Chests
  • Unlimited Spins
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Rewards

Most common places to run into scammer

YouTube is probably the biggest place for scammers. If you are searching for “free Coin Master spins” you will see endless videos showing you hacks or tools such as a generator. They promise you to generate free spins or coins. Let us be clear: Such tools really exist and these videos might even be real, but the scammer will redirect you to a website, where you have to enter personal details such as your password. Never share your personal information with anyone.

No verification

Just think about it: If there is a full working Coin Master hack, why would this hack tool be available for free for anyone? Every single player could just use this hack and never spend money again. Even worse: Some hackers could use bots to take full advantage of these tools. The only real hacks/generator/cheats or however you wanna call them are the ones, which forces you to verify yourself as human.

Common red flags

  • They ask for personal information
  • They ask for your email address
  • They ask for Facebook details such as password
  • They ask weird questions, which could be used as security question
  • They are using a fake account to contact you
  • The websites don’t have disclaimer
  • Websites are written in very poor english
  • They ask for your password
  • Phishing attempts (fake websites looking exactly like Facebook)
  • They want you to send them rare gold cards first
Be aware of phishing attempts!

People don’t want to spend money anymore

Why are people getting into all this trouble? The answer is easy: Everyone is trying to avoid spending money on the game. We can understand it. In-game purchases are extremely important in Coin Master and without enough coins and spins you will have a hard time to compete with other gamers, which are happy to spend their real money for the game. You can literally “buy success” by spending money for pet food or spins in the game.

Just take a look on how expensive the in-game purchases actually are:

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