Friend Invite Limits

It’s important to know there is limit on how many rewards you can get from your friends. The developer set this limit to prevent manipulation or scam and to keep the gameplay fair. You can receive spins from a maximum of 250 friends. Keep this in mind! If you have 400 friends and all of them will send you rewards you will only receive the spins from 250 people.

However, there are also other ways to get free spins. For example you can use the daily links we are sharing on our website or you could use tools like the generator. Otherwise you can easily send a gift to your friends. You are able to send each of your friends one spin daily. Most of them will return the favor and also send you a spin. Don’t worry, if you send them a spin it doesn’t mean one spin will be removed from your “account”.

There are Facebook and Discord groups, where people are sending each other spins. You can get up to 50 spins each time! If this sounds good to you, you should definitely consider to join such a group and to have some decent friends in the game.

Also we recommend you to check out different events, contests and giveaways. You will find them mostly on the official Facebook page. They are announcing and sharing these events and raffles. If you participate in them you will be able to get even more spins and coins.

Make sure you also take a look on their Twitter account. Its very useful to get the latest information about the game and the events. For example this one:

Rewards are playing an enormous role in this game.

What are Master Heists?

“Master Heists” are a promotion with awesome prizes. You have to collect rewards and complete offers. For example you have to collect Offer 1 a specific time to unlock Offer 2, same goes to Offer 3. You always unlock the next offer and get great rewards.

We highly recommend it!

What are Mystery Chests?

With “Mystery Chests” you can win rewards such as Spins, Pet Treats, Pet XP, and Cards! 

The ratio to get a “Joker” card out of the mystery chests is 1:10. This means in one out of every 10 mystery chests you will get a joker card.