What are Chests?

Chests are items in the game that contain collectible cards. They come in three different tiers – Wooden, Golden, and Magical.

In chests, you will find different items such as cards, which you can collect. If you complete a card collection you will receive rewards. You can also trade these cards with your friends. There are three different tiers of chests; wooden, golden, and magical.

The different chests contain a different number of cards:

Wooden chests: 2 cards
Golden chests: 4 cards
Magical chests: 8 cards

You can get these chests in different ways. During raids, you can dig them out, but you can also get them as a reward for finishing villages. You can also buy the chests in the shop of game using your coins.

How to change the username?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. It is a feature many player wish to have. However, its seems more complicated since the game is connected with Facebook and other accounts.

If you play the game using your Facebook account the game will automatically choose your name and picture. It can not be changed in the game.

If you are using Amazon, Google Play or iTunes and play as a guest, you will also not be able to change your name or picture.

Contests, Events and Raffles

Beside our daily links, the different cheats, inviting your friends etc. there is another awesome way to get some additional free spins and coins. Participating in contests, events, raffles and events can help you to get more spins and coins for free.

How do you find these events and contests?

Simply take a look on official social media pages you can find below:

Facebook Fan Page | Official Trading Group | Twitter | Instagram

Be aware of fake accounts on several social media platforms like Facebook. Never give anyone your password or other details. Don’t give anyone access to your smartphone or account. 

On here you will find more information about the events.

Card Collections Completion

If you are looking for a way to get free spins the completing of card collections is for you!

Every time you complete a card collection you can earn spins and other great rewards. You are also able to receive pets if you complete the card collections. If you complete a rare collection the rewards will be even better. It strongly depends on your village on how which card you can find and how rare they are. Mostly you will receive them from the chests.

Check out our full card list in order to know which card you will find in which village.

About the gold cards in the game: You will be able to find them in higher village levels only. Keep an eye for specials and events. You can trade normal cards with your friends any time you want. Gold cards can be traded during special events.

Spin Gifts

Every single day you can send a gift in form of one spin to your friends. They can also gift you! If you send someone a gift it doesn’t mean one spin will be removed from your account. You can get up to 60 spins each time and just as long as your spins bar is not full.

In order to send spins to your friends you have to press the menu icon on the top right corner of the game. A new screen will open. Press “Gifts” and you will be able to send gifts to your friends. You will also be able to collect spins, cards and coins.

It depends on your village level how many coins you can receive!

Friend Invites

One of the easiest methods to get spins on a daily basis is by playing with your friends. You can invite them to the game (if they don’t play already) and you will earn spins if they follow your invitation and start playing.

To receive the free spins there are a couple requirements you should keep in mind:

Its extremely important your friend never had or played the game on their smartphone (no matter if Android or iOS).  If two persons invite one of their friends, there will be only one reward given. If player A and B send an invite to player C, who uses the invitation of player B, only player B will receive the free spins/rewards. Also there are a few other requirements:

  1. They have to use the invitation link
  2. Downloading the game on their iOS or Android device
  3. Launching the game
  4. Log into their Facebook account

Friend Invite Limits

It’s important to know there is limit on how many rewards you can get from your friends. The developer set this limit to prevent manipulation or scam and to keep the gameplay fair. You can receive spins from a maximum of 250 friends. Keep this in mind! If you have 400 friends and all of them will send you rewards you will only receive the spins from 250 people.

However, there are also other ways to get free spins. For example you can use the daily links we are sharing on our website or you could use tools like the generator. Otherwise you can easily send a gift to your friends. You are able to send each of your friends one spin daily. Most of them will return the favor and also send you a spin. Don’t worry, if you send them a spin it doesn’t mean one spin will be removed from your “account”.

There are Facebook and Discord groups, where people are sending each other spins. You can get up to 50 spins each time! If this sounds good to you, you should definitely consider to join such a group and to have some decent friends in the game.

Also we recommend you to check out different events, contests and giveaways. You will find them mostly on the official Facebook page. They are announcing and sharing these events and raffles. If you participate in them you will be able to get even more spins and coins.

Make sure you also take a look on their Twitter account. Its very useful to get the latest information about the game and the events. For example this one:


Rewards are playing an enormous role in this game.

What are Master Heists?

“Master Heists” are a promotion with awesome prizes. You have to collect rewards and complete offers. For example you have to collect Offer 1 a specific time to unlock Offer 2, same goes to Offer 3. You always unlock the next offer and get great rewards.

We highly recommend it!

What are Mystery Chests?

With “Mystery Chests” you can win rewards such as Spins, Pet Treats, Pet XP, and Cards! 

The ratio to get a “Joker” card out of the mystery chests is 1:10. This means in one out of every 10 mystery chests you will get a joker card.