Special Events

These Special events bring the fighting spirit!

Increase your progress by completing actions and Attacking and Raiding your fellow Vikings!

Spin to get 3 themed icons in a row to increase the progress bar and advance faster to greater and greater rewards!

Event Errors

Sometimes it happens you will see an error message. It might be possible you won’t even see the event or it fails to download it. Here is how you can possibly fix the issue:

  1. Close the app and restart your smartphone or tablet
  2. Check if you have the latest version of the game installed on your device
  3. Check if there are any software updates for your device
  4. Clear the cache of your smartphone or tablet
  5. Make sure you have enough storage space available, since it is possible you will need to download new assets and other files to run the event successfully

If nothing works, try to delete and reinstall the game. Don’t worry, if you are playing using your Facebook account your progress will be saved automatically.

Gift Master

What is “Gift Master”?!

If you purchase coins or spin packs you will sometimes see the “free gift” icon. It means you will get some nice additional gifts.

What are these additional gifts?

The gifts can include spins, chests, pet food, coins or pet xp. The more money you spend, the bigger is the gift you will receive.


Competing in tournaments is really fun! In this multiplayer event you can compete with your friends and track the progress of each other. Also you can get some really nice rewards!

Become the number 1 of the leaderboard. The players are split into several groups in which they can climb to the top.

If you want to join the tournament you need to fulfill certain actions including attacks and raids. Collect tournament points and get started!

On the trophy icon in the right corner you will see the count of actions you did. This number shows your rank on the leaderboard. It also shows your potential rewards and how your competition is doing.

Tournament Milestone

Get some awesome rewards while competing on a high level! Tournaments are much more fun now. Check out the milestones of the tournament and what rewards you can get.

There is a progress bar with a specific numbers of rewards, which shows you what rewards you will receive. The rewards can be coins, gold cards, spins and pet xp or treats. Each tournament milestones can be completed several times. You can get all the information about the specific milestones and tournament on the display in and around the progress bar.

Tap on each reward to show what you will receive and how many points you’ll need to collect the specific rewards. If you tap on the icon of the tournament you will see the final reward.