Multiple Accounts

Have you ever heard of “baby accounts” on Coin Master? Well, “baby accounts” are called the 2nd account of some players. There are many people having multiple Facebook accounts, which they use to play Coin Master. This means they have an “unfair” advantage over players, which are only playing with one account. Basically every Facebook account = one Coin Master account. The more FB accounts you got, the more Coin Master accounts you got.

What advantages?

  • Trading within their accounts
  • Getting gold cards easier
  • Therefore easier to complete card collections and get rewards
  • Sending gifts to each account

How to switch the account you ask?!

There are tools like an “app cloner”, which let you have multiple versions of the same applications. This means people are having more versions of Facebook and Coin Master on their phone. Of course it is much easier just to use different devices. Another way is to deinstall Coin Master, switch the Facebook account and install Coin Master again.

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